The Hidden Hand
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2024
Author Trailblazing Culture
Artist Trailblazing Culture
Serialization AC.QQ
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The Hidden Hand

捉刀人, Ghostwriter The Bogeyman, Shadow Work, Behind The Curtain

Synopsis The Hidden Hand

Kyushu continent, which is also known as the nine provinces continent, is a melting pot of races: humans, demons, devils, and barbarians, all living together.
Humans, led by the Great Qingxian Dynasty, are a mix of ordinary people and cultivators. However, cultivation requires exceptional talent, found in only a few. Ordinary people who cause trouble are dealt with by the Patrol Corps, while corrupt officials are handled by the imperial guards and secret police force. For cultivators, demons, and devils who use their powers to wreak havoc, only the Knife Wielders can bring them down. Saber Wielders are indistinguishable from ordinary humans, but they wield a single saber that can effortlessly slay even the most powerful cultivators.