So I Am The Ancestor Of The Demonic Path?
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2024
Author Cat Servant Studio
Artist Cat Servant Studio
Serialization AC.QQ
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So I Am The Ancestor Of The Demonic Path?


Synopsis So I Am The Ancestor Of The Demonic Path?

Yun Tian, a revered master at the pinnacle of his generation, faced imminent death due to the depletion of his lifespan. Upon hearing rumors of his demise, the self-proclaimed righteous Eight Sacred Regions seized the opportunity to attack his sect’s main gate. In this dire moment, a transmigrator bearing the same name, Yun Tian, enters his body.
Equipped with a mystical Lifespan system, this new Yun Tian must embark on a difficult journey to punish evil, promote justice and uphold righteousness.
By completing tasks given by the system, Yun Tian is able to earn points, which he can use in exchange for the Lifespan points.
Alongside his six disciples, he sets out to reclaim the secret treasures and inheritances that rightfully belong to their clan, and gradually unveil the dark secrets hidden within the Eight Regions.