Rise Of The Beast God
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2023
Author Crawling Society
Artist Crawling Society
Serialization Iqyi
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Rise Of The Beast God

Chóngshēng Wéi Guàishòu Shénme Guǐ 2: Shòu Shén Juéqǐ Eランク獣魂師の再生 Reborn as a Monster 2: Rise of the Beast God Trùng Sinh Thành Godzilla 2: Thú Thần Quật Khởi 重生为怪兽什么鬼2:兽神崛起

Synopsis Rise Of The Beast God

A thousand years ago, under the blood moon, spatial rifts opened, heralding the era of monsters! Countless monsters rampaged across the globe! Just as humanity was on the brink of complete extinction, the emergence of “Beast Spirit Masters” brought a glimmer of hope to all of humanity! With generations of inheritance and the development of “Beast Spirit Masters”, humanity successfully created a new civilizational order to combat the monster invasion! Lin Yuan, who was a top assassin in his previous life but was tragically betrayed and killed by his organization, transmigrates…