My Passive Skills Are Invincible
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2023
Author No regrets at once
Artist Feng Manshe
Serialization Kuaikan
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My Passive Skills Are Invincible

I relied on my invincibility to deal tons of damage passively!, 我靠无敌被动打出成吨伤害!

Synopsis My Passive Skills Are Invincible

In his previous life, Cheng Qianmo was regarded as a God in the game << Heaven’s Revelation>>, right as he was about to reached the peak of the world, to become the top ranked player, he was defeated. However, Cheng Qianmo was given a second chance, he accidentally travelled to another world which shares the same setting as <<Heaven’s Revelation>>, a world where people can awaken to a class. With his previous title of God, he decides to overcome his previous regret, embarking on a path that no one has walked before.