Jobless Monster Player
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Released 2023
Author Lin Shen
Artist ManDongzuo
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Jobless Monster Player


Synopsis Jobless Monster Player

Ten years ago, Dungeons from an MMORPG suddenly merged with the real world, giving birth to “Paradise Heaven”. Dungeons and monsters appeared all over the world, and the survivors came to be known as Players… Among them, Amaike Leo was taken into the unique dungeon, Nonecumene (Uninhabitable Zone) as a guide. Amaike, a Jobless Player, planned to find a chance to run away, but a BOSS monster whose species, abilities, and level were unidentifiable wiped out his party! A desperate situation with no escape…! However, meeting that monster will set his fate in motion—…!?

Chapter Jobless Monster Player