I Can Summon God [Redone]
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2022
Author Crimson night
Artist Spring water hall
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I Can Summon God [Redone]

I Have Summoned All Kind of Gods and Demons, Tối Cường Thần Thoại Đế Hoàng, Wǒ Zhàohuàn Chūle Zhū Tiānshén Mó, 俺、神仙妖魔を召喚す, 我召唤出了诸天神魔

Synopsis I Can Summon God [Redone]

Traversed and became the demoted prince, fortunately God did not let Qin Jun despair, activate the myth system! All characters in mythology can be summoned! The Monkey King who can shake the mountains and rivers with one stick! Clairvoyance and ears, insight into the world! Buddha that holds people in the palm of hand, and no one can escape! In this world of demons and gods, I vowed to be the strongest god emperor!

Chapter I Can Summon God [Redone]