Heavenly Blood Star
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Author bet
Artist M&K Studio
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Heavenly Blood Star

Synopsis Heavenly Blood Star

Living as an orphan while begging, Cheon Yoo-ok encounters a friend named Gun-ak. Yu-ok saves Gun-ak’s younger brother, Cheong-ah, and in return, Gun-ak saves Yu-ok’s life. They become close friends, willing to sacrifice their lives for each other. Together, they join heavenly sovereign sect, where they are groomed as disciples of the Overlord and Cheon Gi-won, the military leader of heavenly sovereign sect. Passing through the Hell’s Gate, Yu-ok becomes the Dark Blood King, nearly losing his life as the enemy of the White Faction, but survives by exchanging his life for that of the foster father, Fung-baek.

heavenly sovereign sect, not content with staying in heavenly emperor Valley alone, seeks to rule the world. As a counterforce to the ambition of the Heavenly King, various factions emerge. Using the scheme of the White Lotus Army, they start spreading bloodshed towards ruling the world…

“Dark Blood King, the Blood Executioner commands. Those who violate the laws of the Heavenly King shall be ruled by the law of blood!”

Breaking through entangled darkness and conspiracies, Yu-ok, the sovereign of Fears, commands towards ruling the world!