Crazy Leveling System
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Status Completed
Type Manhua
Released 2021
Author Crazy cutie
Artist Fat fish workshop
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Crazy Leveling System

Frenzy Leveling Up System, Crazy Upgrade System, EVOLVING~爆速ランクアップ修練者~, Fēngkuáng Shēngjí Xìtǒng, 疯狂升级系统, 광속으로 레벨업

Synopsis Crazy Leveling System

Despite being the young lord of Merak Palace, Yi Tianyun is considered a weakling and an outcast by all those around him. The only person who cares about him is the master of the palace and his aunt, Shi Xueyun. After another day of training without much progress, Tianyun receives a special dragon blood elixir from Xueyun to replenish his health. But upon consuming it, he’s thrown into the “Frenzy Leveling Up System,” which allows him to finally gain the boost in power he’s always wanted. Now armed with a trove of incredible skills and items, is there any opponent who stands a chance against him?Original Webcomic: